An App for Crystal Palace

Designed with all your help last year

PalaceApp lets me have a say on the issues that matter to me.

Sarah Wallace Resident
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Loqiva’s marketing tools have helped me to increase revenues overnight.

Liam Fisher Coffee Shop Owner
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PalaceApp has transformed the way in which our citizens engage with the council.

Mo Islam Council Communications Manager
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I love our local app for the deals and offers it sends to me.

Claire Verey Booklover and Coffee Aficionado
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PalaceApp has the toolkit to promote everything your town centre has to offer.

Barry King Chair, Local Chamber of Commerce
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Local people are better informed and more incentivised to visit the high street.

Ojo Abioye Fashion Outlet Owner
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It’s my essential city guide with tours, recommendations and student offers.

James Edgar Physics Undergraduate
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PalaceApp is helping us to share in the local student economy and generate revenue.

Simon Chin University Dean
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PalaceApp lets us know where student issues are and we can tackle them right away.

Ian Smith Facilities Manager
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We feel part of the community with Loqiva. We can use our app to pay for services and support local initiatives.

Chris & Kerry Martin Apartment Owners
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Residents value PalaceApp as a service. It help us to create the brand and lifestyle they are looking for.

Hussein Ahmad Commercial Director
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Loqiva’s IoT capabilities mean that we be more creative with communal spaces, street furniture and leisure facilities.

Susan Clarke Architect
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We're going live!

We put out our Beta release last year. Thanks for all your help. We're now live.

A Gateway To Crystal Palace

Putting services and data sources in one place to help you access to your local area in ways relevant to you.

More about geoalerts

Community-Owned Platform

Building a platform where data is owned and leveraged for public good to enhance lifestyles in Crystal Palace.

More about integration

Buying Local During COVID-19

Supporting local traders and helping residents to maintain and grow the Crystal Palace we know and enjoy.

More about tours
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“Independent we are, fearless with new ideas. Festivals, Markets and Libraries of Things, we become more sustainable over the years”

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“Independent we are, fearless with new ideas. Festivals, Markets and Libraries of Things, we become more sustainable over the years”